What is this website about?

This is a personal website for me to share information, stories, and photographs with people around the world.  It began in 2002 when a number of friends and trackday students kept asking the same questions about the basics of riding motorcycles.  I decided to combine all the lessons I'd heard and read on the subject and put them down in writing.  This site is the result and it first went live on November 19th, 2002.


Since that time, I've also chronicled my one 'serious' season of autocross in 2004, my own motorcycle adventures, a number of car and motorcycle how-to's, and shown off my attempts at amateur photography.


Who are you?

I'm a single guy living in the San Francisco Bay Area, although I'm originally from Texas.  I'm a life-long car enthusiast and I've gotten equally excited about motorcycles since beginning riding in 2000.  I used to work in the auto industry but now I do I.T. stuff.


What does the name 'Joe250' mean?

'Joe250' was never my first choice for a website name.  Or my hundredth.  But by 2002, any logical, reasonably-short URL name was long since taken.  At that time my pride and joy was an Aprilia RS250 streetbike and my screen name on a couple motorcycle message boards was 'Joe250'. Magically, the domain name was available and since beggars can't be choosers, I jumped on it. 


Do you make any money off of the site?

So far, no.  Up until this recent site re-design, the site has been just a personal site paid for 100% by me. Considering I usually average 10,000+ page hits per month and hosting fees run ~$250+/year, I decided to at least offset my costs by including advertising going forward.  Hopefully this will further incentivize me to add more content on a regular basis.  Time will tell...


Why am I having problems viewing the site?

First of all, if the text appears too small, you might just up its size in your browser.  How do you do that?  While looking at my site, hold down the 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard and then turn your mouse's scroll wheel.  Spinning forwards or backwards will change the size of all text in the browser screen (actual text, not images of text).  You can also do the same thing (including setting it back to 'normal') via your browser's menus.  Just choose 'View', then 'Text Size', then 'Increase', 'Decrease', or 'Normal':


Manually adjusting browser's text size.


This site was designed primarily around Firefox's web browser.  It should display correctly in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7, and mostly correct in IE 6.  I tried my best to comply with web standards established by the W3C.  Sites designed according to their standards work just fine in browsers which were also designed around that standard (e.g. Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.).  Our good friends at Microsoft decided to ignore a lot of the standards when they designed IE 5 and 6, making the lives of web designers much harder than they had to be, as sites must be designed 'correctly' and then re-designed to accomodate various versions of IE.  The quicker everyone dumps IE, the better.

Wait.  You had a question, didn't you?  The point of all my ranting was that I made the decision during this last re-design to not go too far out of my way to accomodate users of IE 5 and 6.  Why not?  Because these browsers make up a minority of the existing market and are shrinking in number every day.  I hate to punish any of my readers, but considering that Firefox, Opera, and Safari (and IE7 for Windows XP/Vista pc's) are all FREELY available, I didn't lose too much sleep over it.  If you haven't already, upgrade your browser now!


Ok, it wasn't just IE5 and 6 users I chose to descriminate against.  I've also shunned users of sub-1024 pixel resolution monitors AND low-bandwidth users.  I know - I'm a terrible person.  Because photography is a big component of my site's content and style, I made the decision to design my site around a minimum page-width of 892 pixels (no, that's not a completely arbitrary number, but close) and to not sacrifice the size and quantity of my photos too much.  If you've been considering upgrading to a larger monitor and a broadband connection, consider this site one more (tiny!) reason.


Technical problems outside of those areas?  Send me an email.



Yes, the content of this website has been copyrighted by me.  Please feel free to copy images from my site to your computer.  I'd be honored if someone found my photos worthy of their desktop background.  However, please do not hotlink images off of my site.  If you'd like to put any of my images or content on another website, please email me beforehand.



Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or criticisms:

My email address - joe at joe 250 dot com