Tuono Cover Fix


When doing some maintenance on my Tuono one day I noticed a coolant line was partially worn through.  A quick check showed the coolant reservoir cover as the culprit.  There is a sharp mold seam on the plastic cover that comes into constant contact with the coolant line, slowly rubbing a hole through it.  I quickly fixed the problem by grinding the seam down flush, smoothing out the area of the cover that touches the rubber line.  I thought this was just a small flaw on my bike, but found it recently on my friend Rick's Tuono as well.  That leads me to recommend that all 2nd generation Tuono owners take a few minutes to inspect, and if necessary, correct this issue before their coolant line springs a leak.


Tuono coolant line

Here you can see where the coolant line has been damaged.


Tuono coolant reservoir cover

To fix the cover start by removing it from the bike.  It's held on by three bolts.



Run your finger over this seam and you'll see how sharp it is.



Another shot of the area you'll want to sand down.


Cover repaired

You can use a Dremel tool, file, or just some sandpaper.   When it feels smooth, you're done.


Cover repaired

This shot shows the amount of material I ended up removing.  Total time for this job was about 15 minutes.


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