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Step 41 - Momentum


Today's topic is 'momentum'. When I was first considering whether or not to take on this project I knew that momentum would be critical to its success or failure. The MINIeXvo kit arrived just in time to see me distracted with finding a new job, purchasing a new car, in the middle of our usual rainy winters (relatively mild but still unpleasant to work outside in), and quite frankly, a little burned out. Progress slowed.


I spent last weekend with a friend nearby who is restoring a Mini of his own. As we drove around his neighborhood I pointed out a number of classic cars sitting in driveways under ill-fitting tarps. Other car enthusiasts with big dreams but just not not enough _________ (insert 'time', 'money', 'interest', or some other scarce resource here). It is a bit depressing but who doesn't have a few unfulfilled goals in their lives? Most just aren't so tangible (and rusty). Whether it was the fear of ending up with a project that I'll never finish or the encouragement of seeing my friend's car nearing completion I finally feel like getting back to work on my Mini and getting her on the road. And here's what's left...


I have five major sub-systems I need to complete before I can fire the motor and drive her around the block: the cooling system, remote oil filter system, transfer box cooling system, exhaust system, and electrical system. There are a number of other details besides these but my main focus is on these big items. Once they're sorted, the rest should be a piece of cake. The good news is that all the parts required are either on order or have already arrived. Now it is time to start wrenching.


And here are the first parts to arrive:


Mini Rebuild Step 41

This is a low-speed oil pump for the transfer box. It will route oil through an oil cooler and hopefully prolong the life of the transfer box gears considerably.


Mini Rebuild Step 41

Here is a 'universal' fuse panel. I can route any electrical system in the car through here and protect the circuit with a fuse or relay. The R1 harness has its own tiny version of this but I'll be adding more circuits to the car than it can handle. I haven't decided whether to use both or move all the R1 circuits over to this.


Mini Rebuild Step 41

This box just arrived from England today. The R1's oil filter ends up right between the engine block and the front Mini subframe with the exhaust header right next to as well. This would make oil changes consist of removing the engine from the car. Much easier to install this remote oil filter head.


Mini Rebuild Step 41

Here is the take-off plate close up.


Mini Rebuild Step 41

And the remote filter head. Also notice the sandwich plate mounted underneath. This contains outles for mounting the Smiths oil temperature and pressure sensors I purchased.


More soon...


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