Mini Rebuild


Step 14 - Parts, Parts, Parts


Tuesday, September 16, 2008:


I don't have a lot of photos to share at the moment but things have been progressing nicely. I am at the stage where I need to build up the car, test fitting everything so I know what will work, what won't and any changes I'll need to make to the shell during the painting process. Ordering parts sounds like fun and it can be at times - picking out wheels and seats was easy. But it's all the little tiny pieces that didn't come with the car that take a lot of time and research. My latest order consisted of 198 seperate items! It has taken me months to compile that list of part numbers and I'm not done just yet. So be patient and I'll have pictures of a lot of parts after they arrive in a few weeks.


One other development occurred just this morning. I met with the rollcage fabricators to discuss the work I'd like done. After looking at all the issues involved I finally had to abandon the idea of keeping the rear passenger seating. I really wanted to be able to keep the back seat but with a rollcage and a harness bar there's just no way. The upside is that it will simplify things a bit and now I can get on with things. The other good news is that they'll be ready to start work in just a couple weeks! I will definitely have a lot of pictures of that.


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