Mini Rebuild


Step 13 - Compression Check


Sunday, August 17, 2008:


After finally getting everything in place I was able to perform the compression check on the R1 engine. All four cylinders read the same: 210psi. According to the service manual that is correct, which is great news considering I purchased the engine sight unseen and with unknown mileage.


Mini Rebuild Step 13
Here's the wiring harness all layed out. Quite a mess to sort out the first time.


Mini Rebuild Step 13
I eliminated the EXUP system and prevented any related error codes by installing Samanna's Servo Sub.


Mini Rebuild Step 13
Spark plugs out and compression tester installed.


Mini Rebuild Step 13
210psi across the board!


Mini Rebuild Step 13
I took this opportunity to install new spark plugs. Not cheap that iridium.


And just for reference, here's a recap of everything I did to the engine to prepare it for BEC (bike-engined car) use:

-New clutch, including a second diaphram spring (Yamaha P/N: 36Y-16334-00-00) for better hold

-Ignition unit (Yamaha P/N: 5SL-82601-11-00)

-Ambient air temperature sensor (Yamaha P/N: 5FL-85790-00-00)

-Short-curcuit the clutch lever switch

-Short-curcuit the sidestand switch

-AIS Block-off plugs (Graves Motorsports)

-Oil pan baffle (Fluke Motorsports)

-Installed EXUP eliminator (Samanna Systems)

-Overfilled oil by ~250ml

-Installed dashboard harness (since I plan to use the R1's instrumentation in the Mini - Yamaha P/N: 5SL-82501-11-00)

-Installed PowerCommander (Dynojet)

-Installed Speedo Healer (still working on this item, but it will account for any gearing changes and ensure the R1 speedometer is accurate)


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