Wider Tires for the Evo8

The Evo 8 comes standard with 235/45/17 tires mounted on 17" x 8" rims. Not bad, but for autocross bigger is better. Considering the 3100lb+ weight of the car and the fact that all 4 wheels are scrambling to put power down, more rubber was required. We started the season on the stock rims running 245/40/17 Hoosiers. We noticed others Evos running 255's and even 265's. We kept hearing that that was the absolute widest tire that would fit on the car. Navid knew better...


Wider wheels and tires fitted to my Evo 8 autocross car.

He test fit several wheels, took measurements, made phone calls, and consulted catalogues. Finally Navid worked out all the various measurements and offsets and had a set of wheels made up. Fitting them to the Evo required custom spacers, longer studs and some heavy-duty fender rolling, but they fit! And not only are we running the width tires that we wanted (285's), but they're mounted on rims wide enough to properly support them. Wheel weight is approximately 21lbs - for an 18 X 10, that isn't bad, especially considering the cost.


The wheels and tires protruding slightly beyond the fenders.

Results so far have been excellent. We still haven't been able to fit up Hoosier's new autocross tire as it is still in development. We've had to run road race compounds instead. Despite that, we have a lot more grip everywhere. Braking is ridiculous. Navid and I both noticed we were reaching the turn-in point at a crawl. We were able to move our braking points forward. Plus tire wear is down. I couldn't be happier.


A closeup of the 285 autocross tires

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