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After driving the Evo with the stock shifter and with Kartboy's shortshifter kit, I don't know why anyone would stay stock. It is one of the few mods I insisted on keeping when I traded my 2003 in for my 2005. Here are some instructions to install one yourself. It took my friend and I one hour and we were taking pics every step of the way. It is an easy install and shouldn't take you very long - especially if you've ever pulled the center console before.


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Here's the tools you'll need to do the job.

Unscrew the shift knob by turning counter-clockwise. Pull the ashtray out.

Open the armrest and remove these 2 screws.

There are 2 halves to the center console - the forward half (where the shifter is) and the back half (cupholders, etc.). Grab the back half of the center console (see arrows) and pull the forward section of it upwards.

Then reach underneath and pop the intercooler spray button upwards.

Disconnect the spray button. There is a small tab on the white connector that you must depress while separating the connectors.

Remove these 2 screws.

Follow the side of the center console under the dash. On the passenger side, there is a small panel at the very front (pictured below). Pull this panel straight outwards (towards the RH side of the car).

On the driver's side you'll find this fastener. Unscrew it just enough to grab onto it, then just pull it.

When the pin is loose, pull the panel outwards.

This will reveal a small push-pin fastener. Use a pointed tool to push the center inwards. Don't push it all the way through, just to the first step or click.

Do the same thing on the passenger side.

Remove this single screw in the ashtray cutout.

Lift the shifter console a little and you'll find this connector for the cigarette lighter. Push the tab in while pulling the connectors apart. Now you can slide the entire console back and up to remove it completely.

Use the 8mm allen wrench and the 12mm socket to remove the forward bolt.

Slide the small rubber grommet off the LH end of the rear bolt. Use the open-ended 10mm wrench and 10mm socket to remove the rear bolt.

With both bolts removed, slide this assembly off the side of the shifter. Be careful as there will likely be grease everywhere.

Pull the upper pivot cup off. You may need to use a screwdriver to pry it upwards. Go easy - you don't want to crack the plastic.

Underneath the shift cage, you'll need to pull both sides of this metal retainer towards the outside. This will allow you to pull the shifter straight upwards and out of the car.

As you can see, the upper pivot cup stays with the shifter. Unless you cut the stock shifter in half to reuse the cup, you're going to need another one. Get one from Kartboy or your Mitsubishi dealer.

The two white pivot ball bushings will need to be removed from the factory shifter and installed on the Kartboy shifter. DO NOT reach for your hammer. Ask me how I know. Instead, rotate the bushing all the way in one direction. Then slide a flat screwdriver under the bushing and push inwards. You'll want to brace the assembly against something solid.

If you disregarded my hammer comment, you can get replacement pieces from the dealer. Here's the part number.

Grease the pivot balls on the new shifter.

Place the bushings on a flat surface and push the shifter straight down onto the bushings.

Here it is, ready for installation.

Here's the new upper pivot cup.

Grease the pivot cup thoroughly and slide the shifter in. Reach under the shifter cage and install the lower pivot bushing. ENSURE that the spring clip is re-engaged to hold the bushing in place. Very important!

Slide the upper pivot cup on, then press it down until you can see straight through the front hole. Use a hammer (often found on the bottom of screwdrivers) to tap it down into position. When it is aligned, slide the front bolt in. Ensure the spring is on the bolt before you install it though. Also, remember that the bent half of the spring is under the bolt. The straight half is above it. See the pic below to see what I mean.

Adjust the upper pivot cup so that the rear hole is aligned. Slide the bolt through, tighten the nut and slide the rubber grommet back on. BEFORE you reinstall all the interior trim, put the shift knob on and sit in the car with the engine off. Fully depress the clutch and run the shifter through the gears a few times. If there's a problem, you want to know now and not later. If it feels good, reinstall all the trim and go for a test drive.

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