Evo 8 - Kartboy Shift Linkage Bushings


These bushings will take some of the slop out of the shifter mechanism. Install is very straightforward. Should take about 30 minutes total.

Start by removing the battery. Use a 10mm wrench to loosen the negative terminal connector. Remove it, then do the same with the positive (red) connector. Use the 10mm wrench to loosen the nuts holding the battery tie-down bar. Keep ahold of the rods and unhook them from the battery tray. Now lift the battery out and set it aside. Use a 12mm socket and remove all the bolts holding the battery tray to the car.

Push this gold colored bracket up and out of the way.

This is what you are trying to get at. This is the shifter linkage where it enters the transmission.

Remove the retainer clip on the stock bushings. Be sure not to drop it. Remove the washer and set it aside. You will re-use it.

Push the stock black rupper bushing out from either side.

Stock bushing on left, the two Kartboy bushings that replace it on the right. You will not reuse the metal bushing in the center of the stock piece.

One of the bushings is mounted vertically, the other horizontally. Removal of the stock piece and installation of the Kartboy piece are the same for each.

Here, the two larger bushings have been installed.

Place the stock washer back on top and compress until the retainer clip hole is just visible. Re-install the clip and move on to the small bushing.

Remove the stock small bushing.

Bushing removed.

Kartboy vs. stock.

Insert the new bushing.

Place the washer on top.

And then the retainer clip.

Done. Now just reinstall the battery tray and batter, then reconnect the terminals.

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