Evo 8 - Kartboy Shifter Base Bushings


My friend purchased some Kartboy shifter base bushings and I finally found time to help him install them. These bushings will firm up the shifter mechanism cage and make shifting feel more solid and precise.

Here is the writeup. Very easy, few tools required. Should take about 30 minutes or less. You'll notice the initial steps are exactly like those required to install the shortshifter, so I've just cut + pasted those steps into this install.
These are the 4 new bushings with a stock bushing shown for comparison. The Kartboy bushings, besides being a distincive shade of fluorescant green are significantly firmer than the stock rubber bushing.

These are the only tools you'll need:
-A philips screwdriver
-A slotted screwdriver
-A ratchet & 12mm socket
-A small punch or other pointed object (a ball point pen would work just fine)

Removing the Center Console


Unscrew the shift knob by turning counter-clockwise. Pull the ashtray out.

Open the armrest and remove these 2 screws.

There are 2 halves to the center console - the forward half (where the shifter is) and the back half (cupholders, etc.). Grab the back half of the center console (see arrows) and pull the forward section of it upwards.

Then reach underneath and pop the intercooler spray button upwards.

Disconnect the spray button. There is a small tab on the white connector that you must depress while separating the connectors.

Remove these 2 screws.

Follow the side of the center console under the dash. On the passenger side, there is a small panel at the very front (pictured below). Pull this panel straight outwards (towards the RH side of the car).

On the driver's side you'll find this fastener. Unscrew it just enough to grab onto it, then just pull it.

When the pin is loose, pull the panel outwards.

This will reveal a small push-pin fastener. Use a pointed tool to push the center inwards. Don't push it all the way through, just to the first step or click.

Do the same thing on the passenger side.

Remove this single screw in the ashtray cutout.

Lift the shifter console a little and you'll find this connector for the cigarette lighter. Push the tab in while pulling the connectors apart. Now you can slide the entire console back and up to remove it completely.

Use the 12mm socket to remove the bolts holding the shifter cage to the chassis.

Now that you have access to the stock bushings, push the small metal bushings out towards the bottom. Then use the slotted screwdriver to push the bushings out. Start at the top and push them down. It will take a little bit of force. Don't pry off of the shifter cage as it is plastic and may crack.

Notice that the bushings wrap around the shifter cage. You'll need to force the top lip of the bushing in towards the center. This should then allow the bushing to be pushed down and off of the cage.

These are the stock bushings. You will not re-use any of these pieces.

Place the new bushings in the cage, small side down. Align the cage with the hole underneath and carefully thread the bolt and washer in. Turn the bolt just a few turns, then move on to the next bolt. Once all 4 bolts are in, then tighten all of them down.

At this point, I highly recommend you put the shiftknob back on, sit in the driver's seat and run through the gears (with the motor off). Everything should check out fine and you will notice the shift cage doesn't move a bit.

If everything looks good, remove the shift knob and start re-installing the center console by reversing the steps above.

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