Evo8 - Hayward & Scott Exhaust


Back in 2004, I purchased a custom full exhaust system from Hayward & Scott in England. Our initial emphasis in developing the car was on handling.  We still had some sorting out to do there, but we finally reached a point to turn towards the engine.  There are many exhaust systems to choose from for the Evolution. H&S  is not usually one of the first manufacturers to come to mind here in the States.  Why not go with one of the more popular exhaust systems?  The class we were competing in, Street Prepared, allows relatively few modifications, especially when it comes to making more power. It was important that we made the most of those few modifications and it appeared H&S had an advantage over the competition. 

As nice as big HP numbers are on paper, we needed low and mid-range power.  Autocross has you accelerating out of slow corners far more than going flat out down long straightaways.  With most manufacturers, all you hear about is peak HP and large diameter tubing.  Hayward and Scott was one of the few companies talking about 'area under the curve'.  They have also built systems for a number of rally cars, a form of racing with power needs similar to our own.

So I ordered a complete system including the exhaust header and a cat-delete pipe.  It was not cheap and it took a few weeks to get built, but the results are very positive.  There were some fitment issues with the header and turbo discharge housing - the flange bolt holes did not all align perfectly and needed to be enlarged.  Also, the headers came with PAIR openings that are not used on US-market cars.  These holes needed to be welded shut.  We've brought all of these items to H&S's attention, so hopefully they won't be an issue for future customers.


The entire exhaust system laid out.

I should have specified a smaller exhaust tip. Oh well.


The stock and new header systems.

Stock exhaust header is ugly, yet heavy.

A closeup look at the new header system.

Note the air injection passageways on the header.


The new and old turbocharger discharge housings.

H&S discharge housing compared to stock. The dual passageways are combined into one very large one.

The new downpipe installed.

The downpipe gradually tapers from 3" to 2.5". It clears the standard cross beam, but just barely.

The new and old mufflers.

The muffler is a straight-through design and of course eliminates the flapper valve found in the stock muffler. End result? Less weight and more power where we need it. Also, it sounds great. Overall, I recommend this system. Let H&S know what mods you're running and what you'll be using the car for. Every system is hand made, so they can make it just like you want it.

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