Evo 8 - Clutch Bleeding


This is just a quick note regarding bleeding the clutch fluid in your Evo. Take a look at the picture below and you'll see two distinct brake fluid colors. At the previous brake bleed ATE blue was used. Now that we have flushed the entire brake system and filled the reservoir with 'clear' brake fluid, something becomes obvious - the clutch fluid reservoir. That's it there, still filled with the blue fluid. Whenever you attempt to bleed the clutch system, you MUST keep the fluid level up near the very top of the entire reservoir. It is very easy to allow the fluid level to drop down a little too far and air will get sucked into the clutch portion of the reservoir. When all you are using is clear fluid, this will not appear at all obvious so do yourself a favor - keep the fluid level at or higher than the base of the filler cap neck. If you don't you'll be pumping the clutch master cylinder for hours. Sadly, I am speaking from experience here.

Evo 8 clutch and brake fluid reservoir.

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