Evo 8 - Camshaft Lifters


If you are about to install cams in you Evo 8, take a look at EvoMoto's website. They did a really useful write-up:'s cam install write-up

One thing they left out is bleeding down the lifters prior to installing the new cams. I recently came across the following thread on EvoM about it: - bleeding lifters

The gist of it is a warning that failure to bleed down the lifters could blow out a lifter seal. Ruining a lifter will cause an annoying ticking noise and shorten the life of your valve train. Please read the thread for all details. I simply threw this page up here to provide a few pictures and a brief video of the procedure. As Timzcat states in the thread, it really is easy to do. One thing I will add though is we found it easier to hold the lifter upside down with a papertowl in hand to drain the oil out of the top hole.


Evo 8 head
Arrow indicates one of the lifters. There is one lifter per valve. To access it, simply pick up the rocker arm above it and set it aside.

One of the hydraulic lifters.
Then grab the lifter and slide it up and out of its hole.

Draining the lifter.
Slide a large paperclip or a small allen wrench into the hole on top.

Draining the lifter.
Fish it around until you depress the check ball and can use your fingers to push the plunger down into the body of the lifter. This will squirt oil out of the small hole you can see on the side of the lifter or, if you hold it upside down, it will drain out the top hole - notice the oil coming out in the picture above. Keep pumping the lifter like this until you can release pressure on the check ball and still depress the plunger.


Video of bleeding procedure.


For more information on understanding engine valves, take a look at this website


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