Evo 8 - Badge Removal


You just bought your new car. It is beautiful......except for that hideous-looking, cheap, shiny, plastic badge on the back. It is wrong and it must be destroyed! What was the factory thinking?  If this describes you, read on for some quick instructions on how to remove the offending badge, and, if you're lucky enough to have an Evo, install a U.K.-spec "Evolution VIII" badge.

The back of the Evo 8, stock.
So this is what she looks like stock. Why MMCUSA chose these two non-matching fonts is beyond me.

Tooth floss - the badge remover's weapon of choice.
Look in the very back of your medicine cabinet. You'll likely find some of this stuff: Badge Removal String. It is also marketed as "Tooth Floss" or something. Be sure to avoid the string type. It breaks very easily on the edges of the badge. You can also use fishing line. Go for 20lb test at least.

Using the floss behind the badges.
Slide the floss behind the badge and saw back and forth. You actually want to work the string between the badge and the thin layer of adhesive tape, not between the tape and the paint. Also, don't apply too much pressure, but tug outwards just a little as you go.

The first badge removed, exposing all the adhesive underneath.
Pull 'ol ugly off to reveal the adhesive tape underneath. This stuff is a pain to remove.

Hair dryer in action.

To make it a little easier, use a hair drier or heat gun (on a LOW setting!) to warm the adhesive.

Scraping off the adhesive with your fingernail.
We found it easiest to scrape the adhesive off with our fingernails. I used some chemicals when I removed my badge and I DO NOT RECOMMEND you do so. Chemicals = bad. Just give yourself plenty of time and use lots of elbow grease.

Using paint polish to clean off any residual adhesive.
Consider using a mildy-abrasive paint polish on any remaining adhesive.

The now badge-less Evo8.
De-badged. You might want to stop here. The car looks much better already, IMHO.

The car with a new badge installed.
Yeah, I knew you were going to keep going. Order a U.K. badge from your friendly Evo parts source and read on. The consensus on placement seems to be this: The letter "T" should line up with the centerline of the trunk (which is also the same place the Mitsubishi logo is located), and the badge should wind up just above the crease in the trunk - roughly 1/4" above it (Andre and I both placed ours at the same height and this seems to look very nice. I've seen them mounted higher and it just gets too close to the Mitsu badge).


For the actual install you can eyeball it, but if you're like me that is a very, very bad idea. Instead, use the old carpenter's adage: measure twice, cut once. You'll just need a straightedge and some tape (painter's tape works great as it is very low tack).


Pull off a piece of tape a couple feet long. Use the straightedge and find the centerline of the trunk. Align one edge of the tape with the vertical centerline of the trunk. Next, you'll want to establish the bottom horizontal edge of the badge. The trunk has a crease a little more than half-way down. You'll want to place the badge just above that crease. One nice thing about these badges is that they come spaced out perfectly on a piece of clear tape. Be certain you don't accidentally pull the individual letters off this clear tape while installing the badge.


So now you should have a letter 'T' made out of tape on your trunk. Stand back several feet and see how it looks. If it looks wrong, correct it now while you still can. Use a ruler to line up everything if necessary (like measuring the height of the horizontal tape in several places to ensure it is consistent along its length). (Ok, am I sounding anal retentive yet? Yeah, but I screw stuff like this up ALL the time and I'm always mad at myself later. Nowadays I don't rely on my own 'talent' and on just eyeballing things - I exploit the wonders of mathematics and....uh...rulers and stuff. Amazing how much better it works that way.)

Now that your tape marks are correct, carefully peel the backing off the badge - the white wax paper, NOT the clear tape on the front. Hold the badge by the edges of the clear tape. Position the letter 'T' in the center, just above the horizontal tape. Very lightly press it onto the car. Stretch the clear tape out to the sides as you do the same for the other letters. Again, just push the letters hard enough to not fall off, no harder. When you have the entire badge on, step back again and look. Again, if you are way off, now is the time to try and correct it. If your tape was correct and you lined the badge up right, this should not be an issue.

Carefully applying the new badge.
If you're satisfied with the position of the badge, press each letter down. Now peel the clear tape off, pulling the tape back over itself. Go slow, and try to keep some pressure on each letter as you remove the tape above it.

Removing the guide tape.
When the clear tape is off, remove the guide tape in the same manner.

Stand back and admire your handiwork. This is how the factory should have done it in the first place.


*Certain photos were altered in this article to protect the guilty and the un-photogenic.


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